New lockdown announced for Peel & Toronto lasting until Dec 21. Durham and Waterloo have moved to the Red Zone. 
Shipping will remain unaffected. Curb-Side Pickup will continue to be offered exactly the same way it has been since March. 
Please place your order and select "Curb-Side Pickup" as your shipping option. You will be emailed a ready for pick up notification within 24 hours. If you do not receive your pick up notification within 1 business day please feel free to follow up. Once you have provided a day/time combo you will be sent detailed instructions on how to access the new location. 
I have sadly not gotten my hands on a sign yet so it remains a bit confusing however the address is 535 Queen Street East. Please ensure you are at the right building, Google Maps has a tendency to send people to the building next door. If you are walking please access the back entrance via the alley entrance to the left (east side) of the building facing Queen Street. If you are coming from King, you may walk through the parking lot located on King & River. 

If you are driving, please access the back entrance by driving through the alley to the left (east side) of the building facing Queen Street and parking in any spot marked RES.

The door you will need to knock on is the one to the far back on the west side of the building with the wooden staircase. It is the only wooden staircase attached to the building. Please ring the doorbell once you arrive.

I look forward to continuing to work to get cool figures into people's hands throughout these trying times. 
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