New Website Information

Known Issues

Please reference the below list of known issues. If you experience any issues or identify a bug/have any feedback please email support@nmctoys.ca.

- Items missing "brand": Some items do not have their brand (manufacturer) associated with them. This means they will not display when filtering by manufacturer. Will continue to add missing info as identified.

- Items listing incorrect price: Some have already been identified however if you notice any items listing the incorrect price please notify us ASAP. If the item is priced too high do not purchase the product until it has been fixed. If the item is priced too low we are not required to honor the pricing error. 


Where's my account and how do I access my old account?



Unfortunately, as a result of migrating to a more robust platform all users will be required to create a new account. I do apologize for the inconvenience but it is a necessary step in this process. 

Accessing old account

You can still access your old account and monitor any previously placed orders by visiting old.northmencollectibles.ca and signing in. If you do not remember your password or username please email support@nmctoys.ca with your reset request. 

New orders cannot be placed on the old site but it will continue to be accessible for the near future as orders continue to be fulfilled that were placed using that system. 


Where are my orders and how do I combine them with a new order?

Issues accessing old site

If you are experiencing issues accessing the old site please view the KNOWN ISSUES question in the FAQ for more information.

Viewing orders placed on the old site

If you would like to access your account and view orders placed on the old site please visit old.northmencollectibles.ca and log into your original account that was created for that site. If you cannot remember your password please email support@nmctoys.ca with your password reset request.

Combining orders between new & old sites

This can be done the same way it always has been by taking advantage of the "add to locker" shipping option. The only real difference will be that your old orders will not be located under your new account. 

There is unfortunately not a "comments" field during checkout at the moment however this is being worked ona and will be added at a later date. If you would like to have a new order combined with an old order please email sales@nmctoys.ca with the request and ensure you include all relevant order numbers. Please keep in mind this email address is not the support address and is only to be used to notify us of your desire to have orders combined. Support questions sent to this address will not be responded to. This will allow us to ensure that the right orders get combined and nothing gets left behind. If you need any help locating your order numbers please email support@nmctoys.ca with your account information and they will try their best to sort it out for you. 

Shipping out items ordered through old site

This is also done the same way it always has been. Please send in an email with your shipment request and ensure you have above $89.99 (before tax) of items being shipped out if you expect to qualify for free shipping. For more information on the various shipping options please reference the shipping section of the FAQ.

Why are there some items still posted to the old site but not the new one?

Old pre-orders, discontinued items, and sold out products

There was a lot of bloat present on the old site. This includes old discontinued products, sold out items, problem pre-orders, and all sorts of other products that just weren't necessary to migrate over to the new site. The majority of these items are items that are currently sold out and do not appear to have any re-issue/re-stock or additional units available in the future. 

My pre-order product isn't listed on the new site?!

This is in an effort to keep the new catalog as clean as possible as well as save a tremendous amount of time by not migrating products that people are incapable of purchasing new units of. Most of the sold out pre-order items that have been transfered over are items that have a high chance of having additional units made available upon release or as a re-issue/re-stock in the future. 

Please continue to reference the product page on the old site for any products that are not located on the new site or feel free to contact support to inquire as to the status of any of those items. 

Why are the release dates different between the old and new sites?

The short answer to this question is that it would just take too much time to maintain both databases. The goal is to migrate everything to the new site and disable the old one entirely. There will a lengthy transition period as a result of there still being so many orders that still need to be fulfilled on the old site however once they have been completed the old site will be taken down completely. 

While this will cause some problems as far as discontinued products or old pre-orders not present on the new site potentially not receiving any updates, please always reference the information posted to the new site as the most up to date available. 

I do wish I could maintain both databases for my customers however there is just no way to effectively manage this. 

What's this about a new location?

Alongside a new website comes a new location! Will have access to the old space until the end of November so this will be a slow move while continuing to use the old location as off-site storage during the holidays. 

The new location is only 3 or so blocks away from the old one so this should not cause any real disruptions to pick ups from what everyone is already used to. There will now be parking spots (2) available and a back entrance accessible from the parking lot! 

Still working out all the specifics but this is a great move in the right direction and will go a long way to solving the inventory problems that have plagued this store over the past few years. The new spot is about four times bigger than the old space and this will make all of these annoying inventory inconsistencies a thing of the past!

I have a coupon code from the old site, how do i use it?

Update: Trying to figure out how to create coupon codes on the new site so there is a minor delay in being able to get this done.

Please contact the support team about your issue and we will be happy to convert the store credit coupon code from the previous site to the new site. Once your new code has been created it will be sent to you via email.

Please ensure you include the old code, the amount it was for, and the reason it was initially issued in your email requesting it to be migrated to the new website.

How do I view/respond to my support ticket on the old site?

In order to access the old support system to respond to/view a support ticket please visit old.northmencollectibles.ca. Alternatively, you can email your issue/question directly to support@nmctoys.ca.

A new ticketing system will be implemented on the new site however it may not be active at the time of launch. For all support inquiries prior to the new ticketing system becoming functional please contact us via email.


What payment methods are available?

We accept payments online by PayPal, credit card, and INTERAC e-Transfer. Please select the appropriate payment method when checking out.

For pick-ups at our physical location we are able to process credit cards, debit, and cash. If paying in cash keep in mind very little change is available on site and try to bring an amount as close to the cost of your purchase as possible. 

Do you purchase pre-owned items or accept trade ins?

How much are my items worth?

We do not have a pricing structure representing the value of your collectible items. The value varies for each individual collector and is dependent on rarity of the item, its condition, and supply and demand. The best way to determine potential value of a product is to search for the item on eBay and filter by "sold" listings. This is very important as only listings that have actually sold can communicate a sense of what that item is worth. 

Selling your items

We will purchase pre-owned items or accept items in exchange for store credit. If you would like to contact us regarding the sale/trade-in of items please provide us with a list of the items you are looking to sell, if there are any condition issues, whether the items are boxed or loose, and a ballpark idea of what you will be looking to receive value-wise for them. You must notify us of a ballpark idea of what you are expecting to receive otherwise we cannot proceed with the trade-in. This information is important as it informs us whether it is worth looking into the items further and determining a counter offer that will leave both parties satisfied. 

Please email the requested information to sales@nmctoys.ca.

Shipping a trade in

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the individual selling/trading the items in. We highly recommend that any shipments sent to us with items for sale/trade-in are insured and marked as requiring a signature. We are not responsible for any items lost in transit. If the items do not match the information/pictures originally provided they will be shipped back at the sellers expense. 

If you are located in the GTA you may opt to schedule a drop off time to bring us your items in person as opposed to shipping them out.


Payment will only be issued once the items have been received and inspected. If the items pass inspection and no issues are identified the customer will be contacted and payment dispursed via the agreed upon method. 

Are there any purchasing limits?

Purchasing limits are handled on a case by case basis. They may be instituted at any point during the pre-order process. We reserve the right to restrict the quantity ordered of an item if it proves particularly hard to find or we suspect it is being purchased for resale.

We understand that certain figures lend themselves well to army building and do not want to unnecessarily restrict the ability of our customers to do this. However, we will monitor purchasing habits and follow up on any orders that seem suspicious. 

Can Northmen Collectibles close a customer’s account?

Requesting closure of an account

A customer can request closer of their account and deletion of their private data by emailing support@nmctoys.ca. Please keep in mind that if your account has been banned you lose this privilage. Banned accounts will remain the system so as to ensure the customer is unable to circumvent the ban.

Closure of an account by NMC

While this is an absolute last resort in cases where we receive a large number of cancellations (either by customer request or due to non-payment) from a customer, we will first send several reminder notices and warnings in regards to our store's ordering policies. If the situation does not improve, we will be left with no other recourse but to permanently close that account (cancelling all remaining pre-orders) and will be unable to accept any further orders.



How do I place an order with NMC?

All orders need to be placed through our website. We do not accept orders over the phone or through email or chat. We cannot add items to an order through email or chat and a new order must be placed for any new items you would like combined with an existing order.

If you are experiencing any difficulty purchasing items from the site please feel free to contact support for assistance. 

How long does it take NMC to process and ship my order?

It depends on the shipping method selected, and release status of an item. For items that have been released at the time of purchase the usual processing time is 1-3 business days. For orders containing pre-order items that have just arrived in-stock this is dependent on the volume of items received in that shipment and can range from 2-5 business days.

What are the details of your “Add to Locker” shipping option?

Add to Locker

We know that paying in advance for an item sucks and paying shipping for a single item is even worse. During checkout use the “Add to Locker” option to add items to your “Locker”. Adding items to your Locker gives you more flexibility over your orders and shipping by allowing you to:

  • - Save on shipping by holding and combining your orders and pre-orders
  • - Hold items for up to 90 days (for pre-orders this is 90 days starting from when their arrive in-stock)
  • - Organize a time to pick up your order locally that is convenient for you

How do I request my items be shipped out?

Once you are ready for your items to ship just send an email to sales@nmctoys.ca specifying that you would like to have your in-stock items released for shipping. Shipments that contain above $89.99 (before tax) of product will ship for free. If your shipment falls below this threshold please make sure to send payment for the $10.99 (before tax) flat rate via either e-Transfer or Paypal to sales@nmctoys.ca. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD THE TAX TO YOUR SHIPPING CHARGE. Please use your order number as the password when paying via e-Transfer :).

Items that reach 90 days

While we are happy to combine items over time to help customers save on the cost of shipping, please be respectful of the fact that space is extremely limited. To maintain our warehouse space, any items that reach the 90 day limit and have not yet shipped will automatically ship using the following guidelines:

  • - Any currently in-stock items will be shipped together
  • - All items will be shipped to your most recent shipping address
  • - If items qualify for free shipping (shipments above $89.99 before tax) no additional fees will be required
  • - For shipments under the free shipping threshold the customer will be contacted to pay the $10.99 (before tax) flat rate cost. Payment for the cost of shipping can be sent via e-Transfer or Paypal to sales@nmctoys.ca. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD THE TAX TO YOUR SHIPPING CHARGE. Please use your order number as the password when paying via e-Transfer :).
  • - If payment is not received, or further arrangements made, (within a timely fashion) an item will be cancelled in your order to cover the cost of shipping and the difference will be returned to you as a store credit. 

Cancelling items that have been added to your Locker

Once an item has been added to your locker it is treated as a completed transaction and the return window begins counting down. Items may be cancelled within 14 days of first being added to your locker; your refund will be refunded in NMC Store Credit. Items that have already released and been placed on hold for the customer CANNOT be cancelled and refunded to their original form of payment. 

If an excessive number of items are canceled from your Locker, and you are found to be abusing the system, your account will no longer be allowed to request cancellations from your Locker.

Make sure your address is always up to date!

We reserve the right to ship out items from the locker at any time. Please ensure your address is up to date at all times and we are notified of any periods during which you will not be able to receive parcels in advance. 

This is often done due to the limited space available in the warehouse. I try my best to monitor customer accounts for incoming items and make a judgement call based on what I know is on the way to ship the most convenient parcel for that customer possible. This usually occurs when a customer has enough to qualify for free shipping already in-stock and enough items on order that they will also qualify once they arrive. As things continue to improve, and more space becomes available for storage I may revise this policy to provide additional freedoms to customers when determing what will ship out when :).

My items shipped early and now I don't have enough for free shipping!!!

This can happen as items are shipped out early to free up space in the warehouse. In the event that items were shipped out by NMC (and not at the request of the customer) to free up warehouse space and this leaves the customer on the hook for the cost of shipping on their remaining items they will not be charged for the cost of shipping. I try my best to monitor customer spending habits and their account and usually do a pretty good job of predicting that another order will be placed prior to a pre-order item arriving in-stock however this does not always end up working out the way I have predicted it to.

What is the Curb-Side Pickup option?

We are offering curb-side pickups for individuals located in the GTA that would like to pick up their items locally. If you would like to take advantage of this option please place your order and select "Curb-Side Pickup" during checkout. If your item is already in-stock you will be emailed instructions on how to proceed within 1 business day of placing your order. If your order contains pre-order items you will be notified of their arrival in-stock and can schedule a pick up at that time. 

For available pick up hours please visit our website. 

What is the MIB Shipping option?

MIB Shipping is a new option being provided to our customers. This involves paying a higher shipping fee to ensure the items are packaged as securely as possible in order to protect the outer packaging from being damaged during transit.

We recognize that while the vast majority of our customers open their products, that there is a percentage of them that prefer to leave them MIB (Mint in Box). For these customers we are now offering a MIB shipping option. 

This shipping option provides the following advantages to our standard offering:

  • Additional packing material used during shipment
  • Larger box than would normally be used to ensure there is no bending or creasing of any kind on outer packaging 
  • Will try our best to pick boxes with superior condition packaging to be included in the order
  • If items with satisfactory outer packaging are not available the customer will be contacted and asked how they would like to proceed
  • Ship using Canada Post's expedited shipping service which includes faster delivery times & delivery date guarantee (please visit their website for more information, they reserve the right to suspend these guarantees during high volume periods). 

This option will be ineligible for the free shipping promotion. Tracking information is provided with all shipments.

What is the Expedited shipping option?

Expedited shipping is a faster shipping service offered by Canada Post. Included with this shipping service are the following advantages:

  • Priority processing for your orders as expedited parcels are placed at the top of the shipping queue
  • Faster delivery of your items
  • Delivery date guarantee* as per Canada Post guidelines provided via their tracking information & website

This shipping option is not eligible for the free shipping promotion. Tracking information is provided with all shipments.

*Please note that during particularly high volume periods Canada Post may reserve the right to disable these on-time guarantees. Please visit their website for more information.

What is the Canada Post shipping option?

The Canada Post shipping option is our standard option available for shipping and eligible for free shipping on all shipments above $89.99 before tax. The flat rate cost for shipping orders via this method that do not qualify for free shipping is $10.99 (before tax) anywhere in Canada. 

Tracking information is provided with all shipments.

We reserve the right to ship orders using this method as as "Card for Pickup" during periods of extremely high volume for Canada Post that may result in regular parcel shipments running a higher risk of encountering issues. 

When do you take payment for my order?

All orders must be paid for in full upon placement whether they are pre-orders or already in-stock items.

Unfortunately, the previously enabled pay-later system had been causing too many problems throughout the pre-order process with phantom orders, incorrectly entered card numbers, ignored payment requests, expired cards, and too many cancellations.

While it is definitely inconvenient to be forced to pay up-front for a pre-order this will help tremendously with streamlining the ordering process and forces customers to think about whether they truly do want to purchase that item prior to placing the order. Many customers may want to purchase an item but couldn't due to it having already been sold out (and then eventually cancelled). We believe that if the customer is genuinely interested in our items then for their (and our) peace of mind they will have no issues paying up front for their products :). 



Can I combine pre-order items with in-stock items?

You can, however, it is not recommended if you are planning to have your items shipped to you as quickly as possible. If your order includes pre-order items, the order will not ship automatically until all items are in stock.

If you would like your in-stock items to ship right away you will have to order them separately or manually request that they be shipped. Please keep in mind that if an order is split it will no longer qualify for free shipping. Every shipment that goes out must hit the $89.99 (before tax) threshold for free shipping in order to qualify. 

If you would like to have your items shipped out prior to all items arriving in-stock please email support@nmctoys.ca with your request. Payment will then be organized for the $10.99 (before tax) shipping flat rate for shipments below the free shipping threshold. For shipments that qualify for free shipping no additional payment will be required, simply request that your in-stock items are shipped out :).

What is your cancellation policy?


NMC Toys tries to offer as flexible as possible of an approach to cancellations within the parameters of the industry that we must function within. As a small specialty retailer cancellations are incredibly disruptive to what it is we're trying to do. Cancellations can:

  • Make it difficult to predict how much inventory to order before the pre-order window closes or whether a re-order is necessary to satisfy customer demand
  • Result in us losing the payment processing fee to process your transaction
  • Result in us potentially getting stuck with inventory that had been secured for you
  • Result in us having placed an order for additional units as a result of an item being sold out that we now no longer need
  • most importantly result in a customer who genuinely wanted the product having to go elsewhere to purchase the item (or even worse over pay for it) only to then see it become available from us at a later date due to a cancellation. 

Please ensure that you are serious about your purchase prior to placing it. If you are on the fence about buying an item give it a few days to see if it's something you absolutely know you want :). 


If you would like to request the cancellation of an item during the pre-order phase please email support@nmctoys.ca with your order number and the reason for the cancellation. 

While we understand that sometimes life can get in the way of collecting, cancellations are handled on a case by case basis, and we reserve the right to charge a 5% cancellation fee. This 5% fee goes towards recouping costs of the payment processing fees charged to handle the transaction (and subsequent refund) for your order as well as helping to protect us from the disruptions that cancellations can cause for small businesses. If your cancellation is refunded via an NMC Store Credit no cancellation fee will be applied as no payment processing fees will have been lost.

If you have opted to pay for your order via Paypal and your transaction is older than 180 days then your order can only bee refunded via an NMC Store Credit. This is a restriction put in place by Paypal themselves as they do not allow refunds on transactions older than 180 days. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you would like to avoid being forced into a refund for store credit as a result of a delayed pre-order we would advise that you opt to pay via credit card during check out.

Time sensitive purchases like birthday gifts

DO NOT pre-order product for time sensitive events. The ETAs provided on the product pages are estimates at best and at worst completely innaccurate. This is a problem inherent to this industry and the unpredictable nature of releases. If you're looking for a birthday gift (or other time sensitive gift) try and restrict yourself to browsing items that are already released or listed as coming soon. Items flagged as coming soon have already arrived at the distributor and are currently processing. This means that the release date listed is much more reliable.

All cancellations of pre-order items due to the items being ordered for a time sensitive event will be automatically charged a cancellation fee of 5% if refunded to their originaly payment method. Refunds to NMC Store Credit will not be charged this fee.

Coming Soon/Already Released items

Items that have been updated to COMING SOON, which means that they have already arrived at the distributor and are currently processing, will have cancellations restricted.

All items that have begun to release (or been purchased from another retailer) have two options available regarding cancellation and refund:

  1. Refund to original form of payment with 10% cancellation fee applied. No exceptions. Once an item has been updated to COMING SOON and cancellation is request via refund to original form of payment the 10% cancellation fee will be applied automatically to your refund request.
  2. Refund to NMC Store credit, no fees applied to this option. 

This is to protect us from customers using our store as a backup service in the event that they are unable to find the items at big box stores out in the wild. If an excessive number of items are canceled from your account, and you are found to be abusing the system, your account will no longer be allowed to request cancellations.

Add to Locker

Once an item has been added to your locker it is treated as a completed transaction and the return window begins counting down. Items may be cancelled within 14 days of first being added to your locker; your refund will be refunded in NMC Store Credit. Items that have already released and been placed on hold for the customer CANNOT be cancelled and refunded to their original form of payment. 

If an excessive number of items are canceled from your Locker, and you are found to be abusing the system, your account will no longer be allowed to request cancellations from your Locker.


When items are added to a shipment we begin the process of fulfilling your order. Once this happens items can no longer be canceled. Shipments are created when:

  • You place an order for in stock items and request that they ship immediately
  • Release items from your Locker
  • Pre-orders that have arrived and were requested to ship immediately upon arrival

Cancellations due to non-payment

Payment for all items must be received within 24 hours of when the order has been placed. If payment is not received within the time limit the order will be automatically canceled.

Excessive cancellations and abuse of the pre-order system

Please be advised that any and all cancellations will remain in your account history and will affect your account/purchase status. Abusing this system can result in losing your ability to purchase pre-order product. Please only place an order if you are sure that you will complete the purchase and absolutely want the item.

What is your return policy?

Return Policy

Not all purchases are going to be perfect. As hard as we try, things may not always arrive as expected; with that in mind we offer a 14 day return policy.

Unopened Items

Unopened and unused items can be returned within 14 days unless specifically stated on the product details page. The packaging must be in the same condition as when initially received. We reserve the right to withold the cost of shipping for your order from the refund if your return results in your shipment no longer having qualified for free shipping.

Return shipping is done at the customer's expense. The refund will not be issued until the item has been successfully received and inspected.

In the event that a return has been initiated for an unopened item and it is determined that the packaging has in fact been opened or tampered with, the return will not be accepted and the customer will be required to pay for the cost of shipping to ship the item back to them.

Opened Items

Opened items are not elligible for returns. this includes:

  • Items that have been opened or removed from the packaging
  • Items that have visible indications that the packaged has been opened
  • Opened cases that are no longer factory sealed

Clothing and Apparel

Any and all clothing sold on the website is final sale.

Pre-owned items, convention exclusives, limited releases, and discontinued products

Any pre-owned items, convention exclusives, limited releases, or discontinued products are final sale and cannot be returned. 

Special order items

Any items special ordered by a customer are final sale and cannot be returned.

How to initiate a return

Please contact support@nmctoys.ca to receive an authorization for your return so that the item(s) can be sent back. Any returns without authorization will not be accepted and will be shipped back only at the customer's expense.

Please include a reason for the return in your request.

Return Shipping

If the return is due to our error or a damaged/defective product, we will cover any return shipping fees as long as the return is completed through a the proper channels. The cost of shipping the item back will be reimbursed to the customer as an NMC Store Credit. The customer must send a screenshot of receipt for the cost of shipping in order to be reimbursed.

If the return has been initiated by the customer it will be shipped back at their expensive. We highly recommend purchasing insurance and the signature option for your return. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.

How to prepare an item for return shipping

Please pack the item in an appropriate-sized shipping box and use packing material to adequately protect the item. Please do not ever place the shipping label directly on the item to return it as this will result in an invalid return and no refund. If the item is damaged in transit or received in less-than-original condition due to poor packaging your refund will be reduced appropriately. 


Refunds on returns are issued after the product has been received and inspected. Refunds are dispursed to the original form of payment. In cases where this is not possible, store credit will be issued.

Once your refund has been issued there may be a delay for the funds to show on your account:

  • Credit Cards: 3-5 business days
  • PayPal: Depends on the source of your PayPal payment and could be up to 30 days.
  • Store credit: Available immediately.

Refused and Undeliverable Shipments

A refused shipment will be treated as a return and any return costs will be deducted from the refund appropriately.

If a shipment is returned to us as undeliverable due to an error on your part (such as incorrect address or not home), we will contact you to reship the package; any return and reshipping costs are due before the package is reshipped. Re-shipments for domestic customers may not be elligible for free shipping. Refunds as a result of undeliverable parcels will have the cost of shipping deducated from the order total.

Restocking Fees

We typically do not charge a restocking fee but reserve the right to do so in some situations that include but are not restricted to:

  • Returned shipment contains missing, damaged, or opened items
  • Invalid reason for return

We will contact you with any general concerns prior to issuing a refund.

What is your policy for damaged or defective items?

The joints on my figure are all stiff or stuck!

Be careful with your figures. If you find that the joints are stiff work them gently and do not force them. Forcing stiff joints can lead to breakages.

Extreme cold or heat can negatively impact your figures. If the temperature outside is particularly cold or hot make sure to let your figures reach room temperature prior to opening them. 

If you find that the joints are stiff or stuck do not force them! Please google for tips and tricks to loosen up joints. Here is a video that provides some information on how to accomplish this: Fixing Tight and Bent Joints.

Manufacturer defects

Manufacturer defects must be reported within 7 days of receiving your order. Please e-mail a picture and brief description of your broken or defective item to help us determine what exactly is wrong.

The first step to resolving an issue with a manufacturer defect will be to contact the manufacturer directly and notify them of the issue. The reason why this is important is that if it is an issue that can be resolved by the manufacturer directly, via either a replacement figure or part, it keeps an additional unit of the item out in the wild. Most manufacturers are pretty great about taking accountability for their issues.

Once a reply from the manufacturer has been received please notify us of their response and we will take it from there. Hopefully, the issue has been resolved at this stage however there are instances where the manufacturer will not provide a replacement and it is at this point that we will need to contact our distributor and figure out how to proceed. 

These steps are important to follow as they show due diligence by everyone involved and allow the customer to get the most satisfying outcome possible. For example if the manufacturer sends over a replacement then this is the most ideal outcome and the problem has been solved. If the distributor needs to be contacted we need to wait to find out whether or not they want the item shipped back to them or they will just issue a refund. 

The following issues do not qualify as a defective product:

  • Minor cosmetic paint issues
  • Package condition. If the condition of packaging is important to you please ensure you have notified us upon placement of the order by including a note in the comments field stating this fact. If you do not notify us that the quality of the packaging is important to you there is no way for us to know that it may be an issue.

Items damaged in transit

Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving an item that has been damaged in transit so that a claim can be filed with Canada Post. If an item has been damaged in transit you must provide pictures of the condition of the shipping box as well as the condition of the items within the shipping box. 

The item I purchased is listed as sold out! Is my order okay?

If an item you have ordered is lised as sold out that simply means that there are no new units available for purchase. We only place items up for pre-order that we have already secured with our distributors or the manufacturer directly. If we can no longer source additional units the item is marked as sold out automatically by the system once the last available unit sells. 

Stock status has no relation to release status. Stock status simply means the items is or is not available for purchase. This does not have any impact on whether or not the item has already released or whether or not there are any issues with an existing order. 

Why is the phone number field required and what happens if I add a fake number?

The phone number field is a required field to facilitate the delivery of your parcels. The only place your phone number is submitted is during the creation of the shipping label for your parcel. It's important to provide a valid phone number because it allows couriers to reach you in the event that an issue arrises while attempting delivery of your items. 

If you provide a fake phone number during checkout and experience an issue receiving your package you will be held accountable for any costs incurred or items lost as a result of the courier being unable to reach you.

Courier issues like this are not incredibly common but they do happen and not having a valid number associated with your shipping label can result in you missing out on your items. 


What does (RELEASED) mean?

Merchandise flagged as RELEASED is ready and available to ship/be picked up from our warehouse.

Please keep in mind if a pre-order item you have purchased has only just recently been updated to RELEASED status that your order is in the shipping queue and to please allow a reasonable amount of time for us to get to it prior to following up on it's shipping status.

What does (PRE-ORDER) mean?

PRE-ORDER means we are taking pre-sales for a product. It has either not been released or has not yet arrived at our warehouse. 

Please check the product page for all updates regarding the ETA of a pre-order item. We make sure to update those pages as soon as any new information is received. Sadly, if no new information is listed that means that no updates have been provided by either the manufacturer or distributor.

What does (COMING SOON) mean?

COMING SOON means that the item has arrived at the distributor or manufacturer and is currently processing. At this point the release date listed on the product page becomes much more accurate as it is simply a matter of them processing the items and having them shipped out from their warehouse. 

A brand-new product was just announced, when will it be offered by NMC?

Often times a new product will be unveiled at a convention or other announcement ceremony but will not actually be available to pre-order until a later date. As soon as the official product solicitation is made available we will publish the listing(s) on our website. If items are being posted to competing websites that generally speaking means the item should go up on our site within a day or two.

Why does the photo on your website not look exactly like the item I received?

When a manufacturer lists their product, they may list a form or prototype that can appear different from the final product. We do our best to provide our customers with the most up to date product images on our website. 

Will NMC carry a certain figure I am looking for? or order additional units of a sold out item?

If you are not able to find what you are looking for on our website or the item is listed as sold out please email support@nmctoys.ca about the products of interest to you. If the item is one that is not already listed on our site please make sure to include a link to the product in your email so we know exactly which version it is you are inquiring about.

Can you let me know when an item I want is back in stock or can I have it ordered for me?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a notification service for restocked/newly available items. Please follow our Facebook or Twitter pages for announcements as to when items have gone up for order or have arrived in-stock. Alternatively please select the "notify me" option located on the product page of the item that is currently out of stock and we will notify you via email if we are able to procure additional stock.

If and when an item will become available again is unknown even to us. Therefore, we cannot provide customers with such information even if inquired. However, if the item is still available to be ordered at our distributor you can request that it be special ordered for you. 

Please keep an eye on our website for any updates. You can use our notify me feature to monitor the items you would like to purchase but are currently out of stock.

Can NMC send me photos of the actual items I will receive?

We are unable to photograph each order and provide images of the actual item(s) that you will receive. If you are looking for more information regarding the condition of any pre-owned products please let support know however all available photos are posted to the existing product page. 


What currency does NMC use?

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars. 

Does adding an item to a shopping cart guarantee the price I will pay?

Items in your shopping cart will always reflect the most recent price displayed on the product detail page. Placing an item in your cart does not reserve a particular price. You must complete your purchase to reserve the stated price.


There was an error in pricing on your website and I purchased an item for a ridiculously low price. Will you honour this price?

We consider each error on a case-by-case basis. Pricing does not represent a contract and we are not bound to honour erroneous pricing.

I want to order more than one of an item, is there a discount? or can I get a special coupon code?

To promote fairness for all customers the pricing listed on the website is what you will pay.

Volume based discounts

We do not offer volume discounts, wholesale pricing, or price negotiation. 

Special coupon code requests for VIPs 

Only active promotional offers may be used when placing a purchase. Coupon codes will not be created upon request by existing or prospective customers. If you would like to keep an eye out for any future promotional offers please follow the store Facebook page, and make sure to sign up for the newsletter.




Do you offer wholesale or drop shipments? What about discounts?

We do not provide wholesale pricing or drop shipment services. The price listed on the site is the price you will pay for that item.

I bought an item that is now on sale, can I receive a refund?

We offer a low-price guarantee. If you purchase an item that goes on sale within 7 days of the purchase date, please free to request a store credit refund for the price difference by emailing support@nmctoys.ca. Refunds of this kind will only be issued via a store credit. 

Does NMC price match other sites or retail stores?

We do not offer price matching. We consistently work to maintain competitive pricing, as well as great service, support, selection, reliability, and overall experience. 

Tracking Status

What do I do if tracking shows my package was delivered but I don't have it?

In the event you are not able to locate your delivered package, we recommend that you monitor the area around the delivery address in case the package was inadvertently left at the wrong address, infront of another unit (or in the lobby) of your building, or in a location that is not easily identified (such as a porch, garage, behind landscaping, or under a bench). Additionally, please check with all friends, family members, or neighbors in case they intercepted the package on your behalf. In rare circumstances, we have seen tracking numbers report errors regarding delivery status and found that the package is still in transit and will soon be delivered.

If the package has not delivered please contact us immediately. If we are not contacted within 3 days of a package showing as delivered that has not been received we will be limited in how we can proceed. Once we are notified of the issue we will contact the courier and file a support ticket to open an investigation. Please understand that we will need to wait for a response from the courier as to what occured with this parcel and whether or not it has in fact been lost prior to being able to proceed with any replacements or refunds. 

Why isn't my tracking number updating or showing as invalid?

Invalid/non-existent tracking number

As per the notification sent alongside your tracking information email please allow 1 business day for your tracking information to populate. We will print labels and affix them to the parcel however until "end of day" is submitted in the Canada Post system the tracking information will show as invalid. Once your items have been submitted into their system and scanned for pick up you will see the number begin to function properly. 

If more than 1 business day has passed and your tracking number is still not working please contact support as there may have been a typo.

Tracking information is not updating

It is common to see delays in what the tracking systems report. If you do not see daily updates, it is likely that your package is still progressing towards the delivery address. During high volume periods such as the holidays their systems will often become overloaded and not accurately update the progress of their shipments.


How does NMC pack their orders for shipping?

Orders are packed to the best of our abilities to protect them during the shipping process. This includes using thicker cardboard boxes to enure they maintain their integrity through the shipping process and an appropriate amount of packing material. In my opinion the key to shipping items securly is ensuring the items are not free to move around inside of a box and every parcel is tested to ensure there is no undersireable movement prior to them being sealed. 

Will NMC 'double-box' my order or pack with specialized instructions?

We use specific shipping guidelines to maintain quality and standard, so we are unable able to double-box or pack with specialized instructions. We strive to ensure parcels are shipped as securely as possible. Often this involves using the specific case box the items are shipped from the manufacturer in to reship the products to the customer. These boxes are usually designed to perfectly fit the items and are best suited for the task at hand. 


Can I pick up my order from your store?

Curb-side pick up is absolutely an option! While we used to offer in-store browsing this has been suspended as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

All orders must be placed online via our website, however a customer may select the "Curb-Side Pickup" shipping option during checkout. They will then be emailed instructions regarding how to schedule their pick up. 

If a customer has placed an order to be shipped or added to their locker but would instead rather pick it up in person please contact our support and they will be happy to facilitate this for you.

Does NMC have a physical storefront?

While we have previously functioned as a more traditional storefront access to the store is currently restricted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please place all orders online and select whether or not you would like to have them shipped, added to your locker, or available for a curb-side pick up. 

I live close to NMC, can I stop by and check out the store?

We appreciate your interest but are unable to offer any kind of tours or browsing experience at the moment.

Where is NMC located and where do their orders ship from?

We are located in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). All orders are shipped or picked up from this location. We do not offer alternative pick up sites. 

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